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As part of an ongoing assistance to enhance the capacities of Cities Development Initiative (CDI) partner cities in social marketing, digital marketing, and promotion, USAID hosted a coaching session on social marketing for septage management on June 8 to 9, 2021 for representatives of the Puerto Princesa City Water District (PPCWD) and the local government of Puerto Princesa City. Participants discussed the perceived barriers in implementing a septage management program such as the limited understanding of consumers on the benefits of proper septage management; payment of additional fees; and compliance with standard requirements for toilets and septic tanks. During the coaching session, the participants agreed on an initial social marketing campaign to increase the target audiences’ awareness and gain support for the septage management program and crafted initial designs of collaterals. The initial campaign plan is anchored on four pillars: awareness; information and education; collection; and compliance, which represent the stages of intended actions from the consumers. These will be achieved through a combination of online platforms, radio, posters, flyers, and stakeholder outreach activities. PPCWD is targeting to start the social marketing campaign in July 2021 to coincide with the completion and turnover of the septage and sewerage treatment facility to the city government.