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May 1

By the first week of May, the City celebrates the Karagatan Festival during the month of the ocean.  This was initiated by people from private sectors spearheaded by Mr. Buch Chase and Barangay Captain Manuel Macasaet.  It was first launched on May 1, 1998.   The festival demonstrates the synergy of man with the ocean.  This is one of the many Puerto Princesa festivals that are held in the fabulous beaches of the City’s west coast.  This is a four-day event which includes various activities like coastal clean-up, beach volleyball and football, sand sculpture, boat sailing, kite flying, banca race, mountain bike race and trekking, sea trekking, football, tug-o-war, film showing.  And this is eventually capped by a grand beach party and concert, and a Westkini bikini open.