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With its fame as one of the worlds’ most gifted cities in terms of environmental wonders, everyone can wander around the Puerto Princesa City and experience the marvelous heaven-made sites crafted by nature and time.

Recently picked as one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature, Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park has achieved a variety of commendations from various organizations.  UNESCO declared it as one of the world’s heritage sites of Palawan.  It is the longest and most beautiful underground river in the world. Everyone can enjoy other exhilarating agitation such as bird watching and forest trek from Sabang to the Underground River.

Tourists can go island hopping at Honda Bay to get enchanted with eye-catching views of the islands with brilliant coral reefs with scenery.

Drench on sparkling clear water in the Snake Island while waiting for your delicious grilled fish for lunch served by locals in the area.  In the Starfish Island, you can enjoy the beautiful habitat of different species of flaunting starfish on its seabed and on its shores.  At Luli Island, short for “Lulubog – Lilitaw”, its water edge shoves the sea and emerges during low tide and becomes obscure at high tide.  In Pandan Island, you can experience the cool sea breeze and eavesdrop to the rustle of the leaves of the trees while having your snacks, standing by for your next trip to another island.

Puerto Princesa’s splashy treat… Dolphin Watching…  Setting aside your busy time for while, you can bring you digicam and some snacks.  Experience a close encounter with wild, frolicking lovely dolphins in the open sea of Honda Bay.  After a cruise along the Puerto Bay, you can relax at the Puerto Princesa Baywalk locally known as “Baybay”.  Inhale the freshness of the cool sea breeze.  Be satisfied with the beauty of its surrounding; historically a fair maiden called Princess took an esplanade at the harbor on some nights when the moon is bright.

At the Butterfly Garden, you can take a glimpse of the colorful and interesting species of Palawan butterflies closely resembling those found in Malaysia and other Southeast Asian nations.  Take a look at Iwahig Penal Colony, a prison without walls where inmates tend vast farms instead of idly spending time behind bars. It was established by the Americans in 1904 to supply food to other prisons all over the country. It has since become synonymous to finely handcrafted bags and other souvenir items.

The Spanish expedition proclaimed the Immaculate Conception of Mary as the Patron Saint of Puerto Princesa, in 1872. That same year, the first mass was celebrated at the Puerto Princesa Immaculate Conception Cathedral.   Conversely it took almost a century before the cathedral along Rizal Avenue was built in 1961 under then Bishop Most Rev. Gregorio Espiga.  Plaza Cuartel on Taft Street, it is a
restored ruins of an old garrison where Japanese soldiers burned 143 American prisoners of war inside a tunnel and served as a depressing reminder of World War II violence. Ten prisoners survived to narrate the story about the skirmish inside that tunnel.

Vietville (Vietnamese Village) offers a quick look of Vietnamese culture and a people’s struggle for liberty.  It is home to the “Boat People” who first came to the City in 1979.  Some enterprising Vietnamese are engaged in silver jewelry making while others serve Vietnamese cuisine like their famous rice noodles called “chao long”.

The City Museum is the storage area of Palawan relics and artifacts. The building was then the City Government of Puerto Princesa.

Located at Barangay Cabayugan and Barangay Tagabinet, Puerto Princesa Limestone and Marble Cliffs/Karst Mountains will enchant mountaineers, rock climbers and nature enthusiasts.  Skilled guides such as St. Paul Park rangers can assist adventurous travelers.

All these and a lot more wonderful sites everyone can enjoy…