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      Performance/   Implementation
Code Program/Activity/ Cost Output Annual Schedule (6)
 Reference Project Description (000 Indicator Targets From To
(1) (2) (3) (4) (5) (6) (7)
  General Services 500,000.00 Maintain of 2 City halls Jan. 2014 Dec.2014
      cleanliness and      
      safe facilities      
  Administrative Services 350,000.00 Implementation  City Gov't. Jan. 2014  
      of procedures      
      and policies      
  Utility Expenses          
         Water 5,000,000.00     Jan. 2014 Dec.2014
         Electricity 100million     Jan. 2014 Dec.2014
         Oil and lubricants 2.5million     Jan. 2014 Dec.2014
1000-4-1-4 Registration/ Insurance 5,000,000.00 Registered &  All motor  Jan. 2014 Dec. 2014
  Services   insured all motor vehicles &    
      vehicles  & bldgs. Buildings    


Annual Accomplishment Report
January 2 to December 31, 2012


The Office of the City General Services Officer is mandated, among others, to take custody of and be accountable for all properties owned by the City Government of Puerto Princesa. The year 2012, particularly the second semester of 2012 is geared towards the inventory of all assets/properties of the City Government. The count has been comprehensive; all assets seen inside each Department/ Office are recorded and tagged. With the assistance of the SGV & Co., a consultant firm engaged by the City Government of Puerto Princesa, to assist the City GSO  inspectors in the Fixed Asset Inventory Reconciliation and Expenditures Analysis. Reconciliation of all assets/properties of the City Government is now in the process. Hopefully, before 1st quarter of 2013 ends, all Memorandum Receipts on file will be reconciled against the Inventory counts result. All properties not found in the count but has an existing MR shall be presented to the GSO inspector for recording and tagging, and furthermore, all items listed in the count with no corresponding MR will be issued the same to the recorded end-user. A Fixed Asset Count Sheet has been designed to capture relevant details, such as, Asset Code, Date acquired, Acquisition Cost, Item Description, Location, Accountable Division/Section, Accountable employee and remarks. The Office of the City General Services Officer is now in the process of creating a database of all properties owned by the City Government. It would now be easier to identify properties of the City Government as far as location and end user is concerned. Cost of vehicle maintenance and repair is also being updated to determine expenses incurred by each vehicle. Memorandum Receipts of properties condemned, surrendered and considered unserviceable and recommended for disposal are also segregated, encoded and filed in a separate folder for submission and evaluation to the Bids and Awards Committee and the Commission on Audit. Further, the policy of the Office that all assets/properties purchased by the City upon inspection will be tagged recorded and monitored; a memorandum receipt has to be prepared, issued to the end-user and encoded in the list of properties before its release. Inspect and monitor ongoing City government project to insure that the quality and quantity of materials being used are in accordance to its project specifications as enumerated in the Purchase Request and Program of Work. This Office is also keen on preventive maintenance rather that corrective maintenance, thus a schedule of maintenance activities is being prepared to enhance lifespan of installed air con and refrigerators to ensure that it is  always in good running condition.

Other routinary activities includes, among others, to wit:

  1. Purchase Orders processed 990 pieces amounting to Php 287,590,601.10;
  2. Purchase Request accommodated are 1620 pieces amounting to Php 448,321,910.44;
  3. Agency Procurement Request facilitated are 165 pieces amounting to Php 5,241,187.57;
  4. Inspection report signed-1,376.00docs.;
  5.  Clearances issued - 422 pieces;
  6.  Memorandum Receipt/PIS prepared and issued to end users- 359 pieces;
  7.   Requested documents to Risograph-323 reams
  8.  Other request for maintenance of city hall facilities, office equipment, fabrication of some furniture and fixtures, installation of electrical connection, wirings, etc, repair of leakage of ceiling, repair of lavatory faucets, and repair and cleaning of air conditioning units in the different offices of the City Government of Puerto Princesa are regularly monitored, maintained and performed.