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1. Request for Medical Consultation/ Medicines

a. General consultation
b. Medico Legal Consultation/Commitment to jail/ Medical Certificate (Sick leave, athletes/Encampment/ Reinstatement/Employment/ Appointment)

2. Request for Pre-natal care
3. Request for Immunization to:

a. Infant (0-11 months)
b. Pregnant Mother

4. Request for laboratory examination services and issuance of results

a. BSMP (Blood Smear for Malaria Parasites)
b. CBC
c. Blood Typing
d. Hemoglobin
e. Hematocrit
f. Platelet Determination
g. Bleeding/Clotting Time
h. Widal Test
i. Urinalysis/Pregnancy Test
j. Fecalysis
k. Lipid Profile
l. Fasting Blood Sugar
m. Hepatitis B
n. Gram Stain for Sexual Transmitted Infection
o. Sputum

5. Request for Tetanus Toxoid
6. Request for Dental Services

a. Oral Examination
b. Tooth Extraction
c. Oral Prophylaxis
d. Dental Filling
e. Dental Consultation and Gum treatment

7. Request for Tooth Brushing Drill and Fluoridization (in different schools)
8. Request for Re-supply of Contraceptives
9. Request for Intra Uterine Device (IUD)
10. Request for PAPANICULAO SMEAR (PAP SMEAR) for early detection of cervical cancer
11. Request for Resource Speaker on Family Planning Health and Nutrition Subjects
12. Issuance of Medico Legal/Autopsy Examination results
13. Issuance of physically fit Certificate for Medical/Physical Examination Result/Dental/ Pre-Marriage Certificate

a. Employment
b. Driver's license
c. Physically/Mentally fit
d. Jail Commitment
e. Diagnosis (Financial/MedicalAssistance)
f. Bond
g. School Requirements
h. Leave of Absence
i. immunization
j. Dental Clearance
k. Pre-Marriage Counseling Certificate
l. Health Certificate

14. Issuance of Death Certificate
15. Issuance of Certificate for Permit

a. To construct a tomb
b. To open a tomb
c. To transfer/transport Cadaver
d. Sanitary Permit

16. Issuance of Food Commodities for the UWPS children and identified Underweight Pregnant for Patient who seek consultation at the CHO
17. Provisions of Other Health Related Services:

a. Giving Free counseling on proper diet & diet management (Adult & children)
b. Parents of UWPS Underweight pregnant
c. Provide technical assistance

18. Provisions of Food Handler Seminar
19. Provisions of Services to Sanitary complaints
20. Provision of Services to Facilitate application for tomb construction at the City Cemetery