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1. Issuance of Mayor's Clearance

2. Issuance of Mayor's Permit for:

a. Cockfight

b. Streamers

c. For the Use of City Streets

d. For the Use of Mendoza Park

3. Issuance of:

a. Mayor’s Business Permit

b. Registration of Motorized Fishing Boats / License for Motorboat Operator

c. Sticker to Tricycle Franchised Holder

d. Special Permit:

- Caroling

- Benefit Dance

- Concert

- Raffle Draw

e. Certification as requested: - No registered Business in the City

- Has Secured Mayor's Permit

- Mayor's Permit is under Processed

f. Certified Xerox/True Copies of Mayor's Permit, Certificate Number, Motorboat Operator License

4. Issuance of Market Clearance & Lease Contract

5. Issuance of Official Receipt (Market)

6. Issuance of Cash Tickets

7. Issuance of certification

8. Calibration of Weighing Scale

9. Slaughtering of:

- Hogs

- Cattle

- Goats

10. Issuance of Certification of Gross Sales

11. Request for Annual Gross Sales of Individual Meat Vendors

12. Licensing of Tourism Oriented establishments (TOE) and Tourism related Establishments (TRE)

13. Reception/Guest Assistance

14. Complaints of TOEs and TREs

15. Labor Market Information

a. Registration of Job Applicants

b. Job Matching

16. Referral and Placement (Local and Overseas)

a. Referral of Job Applicants for Job Placement

b. Registration of Company and Job Vacancies

c. Accreditation of Company (for licensed Placement Agencies)

d. Special Recruitment Activity e. Jobs Fair

17. Special Credit Assistance for OFWs

- Lending Program for Departing OFWs

18. Special Program for Employment of Students (SPES)

19. Manpower Enhancement Program

20. Career Guidance and Counseling