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Function : General Public Service



  1. To assure the well being of individuals, families and communities and the liberation of the poor (30%) from deprivation.
  2. Provision of interventions/opportunities that will uplift the living conditions of the distressed and disadvantaged individuals, families, group of communities and enable them to become self-reliant and actively participate in community development.


  1. Care, protect and rehabilitate socially disabled constituents and the physically and mentally handicapped for effective social functioning.
  2. Arrest the further deterioration of the socially disabling or dehumanizing conditions of the disadvantaged segment of the community level.
  3. Coordinate the service facilities required from such department/agencies, governmental and non-governmental to provide an integrated welfare package to constituents on the basis of their needs; and
  4. Advocate for policies and measures addressing social welfare concerns.


  1. Community Welfare and Development Division
  2. Emergency Section
  3. Child and Youth Welfare and Development Division
  4. Youth Welfare Section
  5. Child Welfare Section