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Function : General Public Service



This Office envisioned in providing adequate and efficient legal assistance, legal support and guidance to the City Government of Puerto Princesa for it to serve well the City and the constituents with utmost responsibility and accountability.



The City Legal Office undertakes to accomplish the following MISSION:

  • To be in the forefront in providing legal guidance and assistance to all departments/divisions/sections of the City Government of Puerto Princesa;
  • To review the proposed ordinances and resolutions passed by the Sangguniang Panlungsod and city barangays;
  • To prepare contracts and agreements involving the City Government;
  • To counsel employees with legal problems involving/affecting their work;
  • To prepare complaints and represent the City Government in all suits;
  • To conduct legal researches and render legal opinions on any question of law concerning the governance and interest of the City of Puerto Princesa;
  • To investigate or cause to be investigated any local official or employees for administrative neglect or misconduct in office and recommend appropriate action to the City Mayor.



  1. Formulate measures for consideration of the sanggunian and provide legal assistance and support to the Mayor,  in carrying out the delivery of basic services and provisions of adequate facilities as provided in Section 17 of f R.A. 7160;
  2. Develop plans and strategies on programs and projects related to legal services and implement them upon approval thereof by the Mayor;
  3. Represent the LGU in all actions and special proceedings wherein the LGU or any official thereof, in his official capacity, is a party;  provided that, in actions or proceedings where a component city or municipality is a party adverse to the provincial government or to another component city or municipality, a special legal officer may be employed to represent the adverse party;
  4. When required by the  mayor or sanggunian, involving any interest of the LGU, draft and/or provide comments and recommendations on any instruments already drawn;
  5. Render opinion in writing on any question of law when requested to do so by the  mayor or sanggunian or other stakeholders;
  6. Investigate or cause to be investigated any local officials or employee for administrative neglect or misconduct in office, and recommend appropriate action to the  mayor or sanggunian, as the case may be;
  7. Investigate or cause to be investigated any person, firm or corporation holding any franchise or exercising any public privilege for failure to comply with any term or condition in the grant of such franchise or privilege, and recommend appropriate action to the  mayor or sanggunian, as the case may be;
  8. When directed by the mayor or sanggunian, initiate and prosecute in the interest of the LGU concerned by civil action on any bond, lease, or other contract upon any breach or violation thereof;
  9. Recommend measures to the sanggunian and advise the  mayor, as the case may be, on all other matters related to upholding the rule of law;
  10. Be in the frontline of protecting human rights and prosecuting any violations thereof, particularly those which occur during and in the aftermath of man-made or natural disasters or calamities;  and
  11. Exercise such other powers and perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed by law or ordinance.



To be able to discharge our duties and functions as defined under the Local Government Code with the highest degree of responsibility, integrity, loyalty, efficiency and fidelity to the City of Puerto Princesa.



It is the policy of the Office of the City Legal Officer to render PUBLIC SERVICE with utmost INTEGRITY, SINCERITY & EXCELLENCE in harmony with the thrust of the City Government to serve its constituents with HIGHEST DEGREE OF PROFESSIONALISM and PUBLIC ACCOUNTABILITY.







Department Head:

Atty. Norman Yap
CG Department Head II
(City Legal Officer)
City Legal Office

Contact, Mailing and Email Address

City Legal Office
City Hall, Sta. Monica, Puerto Princesa City
3rd Floor, New City Hall Bldg., Sta. Monica Heights
email Address :

Tel. No. : (048)717-8021/(048)717-8044, (048) 717-8000 ext. 351 & 32