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Function : General Public Service



  1. Forest Management
  • Implementation of the following community-based forestry projects:
    1. Integrated Social Forestry Projects, currently funded out of regular appropriations, except at least one project per province that shall serve as research and training laboratory, as identified by the DENR and those areas located in protected areas and critical watershed;
    2. Establishment of new regular reforestation projects, except those areas located in protected areas and critical watershed.
    3. Completed family and community-based contract reforestation projects subject to policies and procedures prescribed by the DENR;
    4. Forest Land Management Agreement, in accordance with DENR Administrative Order No. 71, Series of 1990 and other guidelines that the DENR may adopt; and
    5. Community Forestry Projects, subject to concurrence of financing institutions, if foreign assisted.
  • Management and control of communal forests with an area not exceeding fifty (50) square kilometers or five thousand (5,000) hectares, as defined in Section 2 above. Provided, that the concerned LGUs shall endeavor to convert said areas into community forestry projects;
  • Management, protection, rehabilitation and maintenance of small watershed areas which are sources of local water supply as identified or to be identified by the DENR; and
  • Enforcement of forest laws in community-based forestry project areas, small watershed areas and communal forests, as defined in section 2 above such as but not limited to;
  • Prevention of forest fire, illegal cutting and kaingin;
  • Apprehension of violators of forest laws, rules and regulation;
  • Confiscation of illegally extracted forest products on site;
  • Imposition of appropriate penalties for illegal logging, smuggling of natural resources products and of endangered species of flora and fauna, slash and burn farming and other unlawful activities; and
  • Confiscation, forfeiture and disposition of conveyances, equipment and other implements used in the commission of offenses penaltized under P.D. 705 as amended by E.O. 277, series of 1987 and other forestry laws, rules and regulations.
  • Provided that the implementation of the foregoing activities outside the devolved above mentioned, shall remain with the DENR.]
  1. Protected Areas and Wildlife
  • Establishment, protection and maintenance of tree parks greenbelts and other tourist attractions in areas identified and delineated by the DENR, except those covered by the Integrated Protected Areas System as defined by law, and the collection of fees for their services and the use of facilities established therein;
  • Except export and import regulation for flora outside protected areas including industries and business engaged in their propagation and development, such as orchidaria and nurseries. Provided, that such business and industries are registered with the DENR for monitoring purposes.
  • Implementation of the Rehabilitation in Conservation Hotspots (RICH) and the conservation of Rare and Endangered Species (CARE) activities in areas identified and delineated by the DENR.
  1. Environmental Management

Enforcement of the following pollution control and environmental protection laws, rules and regulations;

  • Issuance of Environmental Compliance Certificate (ECC) for projects and businesses, under the kalakalan 20;
  • Adjudication of cases involving complaints against business kalakalan 20; and
  • Apprehension and testing of smoke belching vehicles and collection of appropriate fees and charges.
  • Implementation of solid waste disposal and other environmental management system and services related to general hygience and sanitation such as sewage and household waste disposal;
  • Abatement of noise and other forms of nuisance as defined by law and;
  • Implementation of Cease and Desist Orders issued by the Pollution and Adjudication Board.
  1. Mines and Geo-Science Development
  • Enforcement of the small-scale mining law, subject to the policies, standard and guidelines of the DENR;
  • Issuance of permit for guano collection and to extract sand, gravel and other quarry resources.
  1. Land Management
  • Conduct of cadastral surveys; Conduct of lot surveys; and Conduct of isolated and special surveys
  • Provided, that the issuance of survey authority and the verification of survey returns records keeping, issuance of patents and other post-survey activities shall be done by the DENR.
  • Provided further, that the DENR shall extend the necessary administrative and technical assistance to the LGUs for the actual conduct of surveys, and the preliminary activities attendant to the surveys.



  • Recommend to the Sangguniang Panlungsod, advice the City Mayor and provide technical assistance on all matters relative to the protection, conservation, maximum utilization, application of the appropriate technology and other matters pertaining to the environment and natural resources.
  • In accordance with Section 17 of R.A. 7160, provide regulatory services and functions on forest management, protected area and wildlife, environmental management, mine and geo-science development and land management.
  • Others as mentioned in Section 484 of the Local Government Code.