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Function : General Public Service



  1. Prepare forms, orders and circulars embodying instructions on budgeting and appropriation matters for the signature of the Local Chief Executive;
  2. Review and consolidates the budget estimates of the different offices of the city government;
  3. Prepare the Executive and Supplemental Budgets;
  4. Assist in the preparation of Annual/Supplemental Barangay Budgets;
  5. Conduct seminars/trainings on local government fiscal administration;
  6. Conduct preliminary review of all barangay annual/supplemental budgets;
  7. Assist the Local Chief Executive during budget hearings;
  8. Review work and financial plans and requests for allotments, and prepare corresponding recommendations;
  9. Control and certifies the existence of appropriations within the released allotments for expenditures;
  10. Evaluate budgetary implications of proposed legislation and submit comments and recommendations thereon;
  11. Coordinate with the local treasurer for purposes of local government budgeting; and
  12. Perform other related functions as may be required by competent authority.


  1. To provide technical staff services to the Local Chief Executive and other local officials on budgeting and other related matters.