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As City Vice Mayor, he conceptualized and initiated the following programs which marked and earned him the tagged: THE ACTION MAN” and “ HARI NG ENTABLADO”.

  1.  STUDENT ASSISTANCE PROGRAM launched in October 2003 in 3 rural high schools and in few months later, expanded it to other 9 rural high schools. The Program had benefitted 13,234 elementary pupils in 33 schools and 11,527  4th year high school students in 18 schools since 2003 until March 2013.
  1. Launched the BAYANIHAN SA BARANGAY PROGRAM in January 18, 2005. This program is geared towards implementing priority infrastructure projects by providing technical and material assistance while the barangay, schools and community people render labor counterpart through “bayanihan”. As of August 2012,   190 small infrastructure projects were implemented in different barangays and schools. Through this scheme, “the bayanihan spirit” is re-awakened   among local folks.
  1. To help boost the local tourism and bring life to newly reclaimed area --- Puerto Princesa City Baywalk in Barangay San Isidro and Bagong Pagasa,  he conceptualized the newly added attraction in the City the “ PANGALIPAY SA BAYBAY”  and spearhead its annual celebration showcasing the local talents and beauties of Puerto Princesans.

It was City Mayor Lucilo R. Bayron, a City Administrator then, when he conceptualized the “OPLAN – LINIS PROGRAM of the City Government which won for the City the National Government Clean and Green Hall of Fame Award. A Program considered as “ AN IMAGE BUILDER, A CONFIDENCE BUILDER, and A TEAM BUILDER.

 The City became a model for other Local Government Units through the Oplan Linis Program and became the prime destinations for Lakbay-Aral of other government officials.

Vis-à-vis the cleanliness is the protection of the environment.  Being a prime mover of the PISTA Y ANG KAGUEBAN (Feast of the Forests), Mayor Bayron personally looks into the preparation of the said event. This is where the local folks together with the local & foreign guests troop the site and plant thousands of seedlings to    A yearly celebration at the heart of the forests in the city to plant thousands of seedlings to enrich the watershed areas.

City Mayor Lucilo R. Bayron is indeed a performer. But despite this overwhelming success, he remains to be humble and never fails to look back to those who have worked with him in helping him shaping the development of the city.

A man with a few words, --- action speaks louder than words… the “ACTION MAN” lives up to his guiding slogan “ HINDI BUKAS, KUNDI NGAYON.”