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Program/Project/ Activity Description


Performance/Output Indicator

Annual Targets

Implementation Schedule



General Administration and Support Services        

Render Legal Opinion on any question of law, rules, regulations and review of barangay resolutions.


No. of Legal Opinions made

100% of Logbook Entries

January 2013

December 2013

Review of all records pertaining to admin. cases pending before this Office.


No. of resolutions/cases  made.

At least 15 admin. cases

January 2013

December 2013

Validating claims for Just Compensation of Private Lots Affected by the Construction of City Roads/ Infrastructure Projects of the City Government of Puerto Princesa.   No. of deeds and Transfer Certificate of Titles issued in favor of the City Government of Puerto Princesa.

At least 3 titles

January 2013 December 2013

Investigation of CASSAPS cases


No. of cases resolved

At least 10 cases to be resolved, 5 resolutions and 80% implementation of demolition

January 2013

December 2013

Land Titling Project


No. of titles issued in favor of the City Govt. of Puerto Princesa

At least 3 titles

January 2013

December 2013

Joint-Training of New Elected Barangay Officials


No. of Barangays Trained

66 barangays

July 2013

December 2013

Court hearings/appearances


No. of cases attended

As needed

January 2013

December  2013



January 2, 2013 to June 30, 2013


1.      Documentation/Notarization

  1. Preparation of:

Type/Kind of Document                                                             Quantity

1.0       Deed of Absolute Sale/Deed of Conditional Sale                                     06       

Proposed Housing & City  Project                                                

1.         CGPP and Peña Dev. Co. Inc. rep. by Atty. Teodoro Q. Peña
2.         CGPP and  Joel R. Umandap rep. by Sonia B. Dinoy
3.         CGPP and Bread of Life Ministries rep. by Adoracion Quiray
4.         CGPP and Hrs. Ernesto Gallardo rep. by Teofila Gallardo
5.         CGPP and Henry Rafols
6.         CGPP and Aido Medina

     2.0       Contract of Lease                                                                                        09

1.         City Government and Elizabeth Lantin (LCMP)
2.         City Government and Efren Aborot
3.         City Government and Patricio Aborot
5.         City Government and  Cariño Development and Mgmt. Corp.
7.         City Government and Rowena Rabe
8.         City Government/Coliseum and DAR
9.         City Government/Montessori

3.0       Contract of Services/Service Obligation Contract                                   308

1.         CGPP and Dely Tatlonghari (City Buses)                                        01

2.         CGPP and Contractual Employees                                                  307

4.0       Preparation/Review of Memorandum of Agreement (MOA)                  08

1.         CGPP, DOTC and NHA
2.         CGPP, Barangay Bagong Bayan and PPCity Water District
3.         CGPP and DepEd
4.         CGPP and NHA
5.         CGPP and BJMP
6.         CGPP and Early Childhood Care & Development Council
7.         CGPP and PALECO
            -  Single-Phase Line Extn. At Bgy. Bacungan
            -  Open Line Extn. Project at Typoco Village,Phase III,Bgy. San Manuel
            -  Line Extn. Project at Sitio Makandring, Bgy.Langogan
            -  Electrification Project at Bgy. Macarascas
            -  Electrification Project at Bgy. Babuyan
            -  Electrification Project at Golden Valley, Bgy. Sicsican
8.         CGPP and National Food Authority

5.0    Legal Opinion                                                                        24

  1. Legal Opinion as to whether a  Resolution Earnestly Requesting the Honorable City Mayor, Edward S. Hagedorn to Condone the Payment of Monthly Amortization, Surcharges and Penalties of all the Mangingisda Socialized Housing Homeowners Association (MASSHA) members, and to Cause the Re-structuring of their Amortizations from Six Hundred Pesos (P600.00) per Month down to Three Hundred Pesos (P300.00) per Month Until Fully Paid”;
  2. Legal Opinion on the letter-request of Mr. Nathaniel M. Paredes  for the just compensation of the improvements which they have introduced in the lot within the watershed area more particularly, the plants and trees which they have planted on the land they have occupied since 1964;
  3. Legal opinion on the legality of the incentive being requested by PSS Abad Hesito Osit, DSC, Acting Director, this City;
  4. Legal opinion  on the application for Locational Clearance of St. Peter Funeral Homes vis-à-vis the opposition of Petitioners Lea Palao and Ceferino Valencia;
  5. Legal opinion on the Contract of Lease with respect to the four (4) city government facilities (Old and New market, slaughterhouse and PPLTT);
  6. Legal Opinion pertaining  to the real property of Mr. Joel R. Umandap represented by Ms. Sonia B. Dinoy as Attorney-in-Fact,  offered for sale to the City Government of Puerto Princesa  for its socialized housing project in Bgy. Irawan, this City;
  7. Legal opinion on the proposed Barangay Ordinance for the Payment of Business Clearances, Filing Fees and Accreditation Fees”  of Barangay Tagumpay, this City;
  8. Legal opinion to the query of Dr. Juancho V. Monserate, City Health Officer, this city, regarding the proper implementation/application of DBM-DOH Joint Circular No. 02, Series of 2012 dated November 02, 2012 on the grant of Hazard Pay;
  9. Legal opinion on the letter of the Administrative Aides of the City Health Office, this City, requesting for their inclusion  in the list of Public Health Workers who are expose to HIGH RISK HAZARD pursuant to DBM-DOH Joint Circular No. 02, S. of 2012 dated November 2, 2012;
  10. Legal opinion on the letter-clarification regarding Legal Opinion No. 8-2013 issued on April 01, 2013 particularly on the issue of payment of Hazard Pay to City Health Workers who are expose to either HIGH RISK or LOW RISK HAZARDS;
  11. Legal opinion/comment  pertaining to the application for renewal of PCSD accreditation of AC Marine Products, owned by Ms. Maribel Sampiton;
  12. Legal opinion/comment pertaining to the detail order of Mr. Jamero R. Javarez;
  13. Legal opinion pertaining to the application for business permit of Ms. Pilar C. Rocamora of Karloki E-Games, dated April 16, 2013;
  14. Legal opinion pertaining to the letter of Mr. Ruel R. Zuniga dated April 10, 2013 requesting for exemption from Municipal/Local Taxes as grantee of Barangay Micro Business Enterprise;
  15. Legal opinion on the letter of Dra. Indira Santiago, DVM, City Veterinarian Officer, this City, regarding her justification to the claim of the personnel of the City Veterinarian Office who are expose to High Risk Hazards at the rate of 25% of their salaries;
  16. Legal opinion pertaining to Ordinance No. 02, Series of 2012 of Bgy. Manggahan, this City, entitled: “An Ordinance Amending the Revenue Code of Barangay Manggahan of 2000”;
  17. Legal opinion pertaining to the letter of John Andrew M. Russell and Jennifer M. Russell-Mirasol dated February 18, 2013 regarding Russell Property situated in Bgy. San Jose, this City, acquired by the City Government of Puerto Princesa for its socialized housing project;
  18. Legal opinion to the letter of Ms. Jackie Baut regarding her request of two (02) assistants from the City Veterinary Office for her Animal Birth Control Program and the issue of cat registry;
  19. Legal opinion regarding the query on whether the claim of Mr. Alonzo C. Española for just compensation for the portion of his property located along the New Market Road, Bgy. Tiniguiban, this City, that will be affected by the required set back has legal basis;
  20. Legal opinion to the letter of Ms. Melissa Theodora U. Macasaet, City Agriculturist, this City, concerning the operation of eco-tourism activity within the Pambato Reef Marine Sanctuary located at Honda Bay, Barangay Sta. Lourdes, Puerto Princesa City;
  21. Legal opinion pertaining to the property owned by Mr. Celso Pe Suy Chu located at Bgy. San Miguel, Puerto Princesa City, acquired by the City Government of Puerto Princesa City in favor of the members of the IBAI VILLE HOMEOWNER’S ASSOCIATION, represented by Mr. Wilson B. Baluis,  President;
  22. Legal opinion to the letter-request of Atty. Expedito M. Anigan, Human Resource Management Officer (HRMO), this City, pertaining to the Early and Voluntary Separation Incentive Program (EVSIP), applied for or availed by some officials and employees of the City Government of Puerto Princesa;
  23. Legal opinion pertaining to the application for renewal of PCSD accreditation of Manny Marine Products Trading, rep. by Mr. Capinig and SNJ Marine Products, rep. by Ms. Villarin,  Live Fish Traders;
  24. Legal opinion pertaining to the application for renewal of PCSD accreditation of A & E Aquamarine Products, rep. by Mr. Ernesto Eleno, Proprietor,  and JMY Aquamarine Products, rep. by Ms. Mylene Lumactod, Proprietress;

6.0       ACTIVE COURT RELATED  CASES                                      10

7.0Pending Administrative Cases as of June 30, 2013

(For regular, contractual and casual/job order officials/employees)



  1. Cresencia Pamintuan vs. Ismaelita Abia, Armi dela Torre & Vivian Tabing For Willful Failure to Pay Just Debt
  2.  Fe Loresto vs. Cecilia David for Willful Failure to Pay Just Debts;
  3.  Anita Laab vs. Jailyn Sulayao for Willful Failure to Pay Just Debts;
  4. Divina delos Reyes vs. Norma Gabo for Willful Failure to Pay Just Debts;
  5. Funeraria Zamora vs. Norma Gabo for Willful Failure to Pay Just Debts;
  6. Erwin Saw vs. Jose B. alvarez for Grave Misconduct & Willful Failure to Pay Just Debts.

9.0    Others

  1. Violation of National  Building Code (PD 1096)
  1. Violation of City Ordinance No. 163-2000 (Zoning Ordinance)

                        1.   CGPP vs. Bella M. Belly              -           Pending before the City Prosecutor’sOffice        

  1. Violation of Anti-Littering Law
  1. CGPP vs. Leonardo dela Cruz, Jesus Esparagoza, Jr. & four (4) John Does - Pending before the City Prosecutor’s Office
  1. Violation of Anti-Fencing Law
  1. CGPP vs. Tony Sy and Roselyn Paredes  - Pending before the City Prosecutor’s Office
  1. Violation of R.A. 8550

10.0     Membership in Committees/Councils

  1. Bids and Awards Committee-INFRA
  2. Bids and Awards Committee-GOODS
  3. Bus & Jeepney Terminal Committee
  4. Proclamation 16 Committee
  5. Peace and Order Council
  6. Public Market Committee
  7. City Coliseum  Management Board
  8. Solid Waste Management Board
  9. Council Against Squatting Syndicates and Professional Squatters (CASSAPS)
  10. City Traffic Management Board
  11. City Disaster Coordinating Council
  12. Fish Port Committee

9.0       Other Functions/Duties Rendered:

  1. Secretariat, Council Against Squatting Syndicates and Professional Squatters (CASSAPS);
  2. Rendered legal assistance/advices  to walk-in clients of the office such as: preparation of affidavits, sworn statements, referrals;
  3. Gave legal assistance/advices  to barangay officials especially in the implementation of Katarungang Pambarangay;
  4. Review of  Barangay Ordinances and Resolution;
  5. Legal Assistance to Bantay Puerto Program in filing  criminal cases;
  6. Answer to Other Legal Queries (in the form of letter);
  7. Council Member/Secretariat-BAC-GOODS;
  8. Council Member/Secretariat-BAC-INFRA;
  9. Legal counseling;
  10. Giving lectures upon invitation of GO’s and NGO’s;
  11. Assisted in the implementation of city ordinances and relevant laws by preparing notices, demolition orders, demand letters and other documents;
  12. Reviewed, drafted and prepared contracts, MOAS and other written instruments for and in behalf of the City Government;
  13. Assisted in the documentation of real properties and other assets being acquired and/or disposed by the City Government.

         Type/Kind of Clientele                                                  

  1. Appointive City Official/Employee                                              
  2. Barangay Elected/Appointive Official                                         
  3. Walk-in Public Client