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Function : General Public Service



  1. The Slaughterhouse is the sole division of the Mayor’s Office that implements the proper slaughtering of livestock for human consumption. It is the only division that produces finish product that is clearly subjected to scrutiny of public being served on a daily basis.
  2. The Slaughterhouse assists in stabilizing the finances of the City Government through an efficient collection and management program of the Slaughterhouse and to assist in maintaining the supply of meat through mechanized and sanitary processes.



  1. To assist animal owners availing the services of the slaughterhouse pay the corresponding slaughter fees in accordance with the rate prescribed by the City of Puerto Princesa Market Code.
  2. To render efficient and fast delivery of service to any individual who needs to avail the services of the slaughterhouse.
  3. To properly implement the National Meat Inspection Services guidelines on Slaughterhouse Management.
  4. To preserve and establish meat safety regimen for the consuming constituents of Puerto Princesa.