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Flagship Species with Confirmed Presence in Puerto Princesa City

Scientific Name Common Name Status
Amblonyx cinereus Oriental small-clawed otter Vulnerable, PalE
Restricted in Philippines-only in Palawan, local endemic (PalE)
Arctictis binturong* Binturong Vulnerable, PalE
Restricted in Philippines-only in Palawan, local endemic (PalE)
Eonycteris spelaea Common nectar bat Vulnerable, R
Hystrix pmila* Palawan porcupine Palawan only, PalE
Manis javanicus Malayan pangolin Seriously endangered, PalE
Mydaus marchei Palawan stink badger Vulnerable
Rhinolophus virgo Yellow-faced horseshoe bat Moderately common, PhilE
Sundasciurus juvencus Northern Palawan three shrew Endangered, widespread, Declining and heavily hunted
Sus barbatus Bearded pig Threatened, PalE
Tupaia palawanensis Palawan tree shrew Vulnerable
Aethopyga s. shelleyi Lovely sunbird E-LC
Alcedo meninting amadoni Blue-eared Kingfisher R-Un, race PalE
Anthracoceros marchei Palawan Hornbill E-Un, Vulnerable
Anthreptes malacensis paraguae Plain –throated Sunbird R-C, rare PalE
Arachnothera longirostra dilutior Little Spiderhunter R-Un, rare PalE
Batrachostomus javensis chaseni Javan Frogmouth R-Un, rare PalE
Caprimulgus macrurus johnsoni* Large-tailed Nightjar R-FC, rare PalE
Chloropsis palawanensis Yellow-throated Leafbird E-C
Chrysocolaptes lucidus erythrocephalus Greater Flameback R-FC, rare PalE
Cisticola juncidis nigrostriata Zitting Cisticola R-C rare PalE
Collocalia troglodytes Pygmy Swiftlet E-FC
Copsychus niger White-vented Shama E-Un, Near threatened
Coracina striata difficilis Bar-bellied Cuckoo-shrike R-C, rare PalE
Corvus enca pusillus Slender-billed Crow R-LC, rare E
Criniger bres frater Grey-cheeked Bulbul R-C, rare PalE
Culcicapa helianthea panayensis Citrine Canary-flycatcher R-C rare E
Cyornis lemrieri Palawan blue Flycatcher E-Un, Near Threatened
Dicaeum aeruginosum affine Striped Flowerpecker E-Un
Dicaeum pygmaeum palawanorum Pygmy Flowerpecker E-C
Dicrurus hottentotus palawanensis Spangled Drongo R-C, rare E
Dinopium javanense everetti Common Flameback R-Un rare PalE
Dryocopus javensis hargitti White-bellied Woodpecker R-FC , rare PalE
Eudynamis scolopacea mindanensis Common Koel R-C, rare E
Halcyon capensis gouldi* Stork-billed Kingfisher R-Un, rare E
Hypsipetes palawanensis Sulphur-bellied Bulbul E-Un
Irena puella tweeddalei Asian Fairy-bluebird R-C, rare PalE
Macronus gularis woodi Striped Tit-babbler R-C, rare PalE
Macropygia phasianella tenuirostris Reddish Cuckoo-Dove R-C, race E
Megalurus palustris forbesi Striated Grassbird R-C, race E
Nectarinia jugularis aurora Olive-backed Sunbird R-C, race E
Oriolus c. chinensis* Black-naped Oriole R-C, race E
Otus fuliginosus Palawan Scops-Owl E-Un, Near Threatened
Pachycephala grisola plateni Mangrove Whistler R-C, race PalE
Parus amabilis Palawan Tit E-Un, Near Threatened
Phylloscopus trivirgatus peterseni Mountain Leaf-Warbler R-C, race PalE
Pitta sordida palawanensis* Hooded Pitta R-C, race PalE
Polyplectron emphanum* Palawan Peacock-Pheasant E-Un, Vulnerable
Prioniturus platenae Blue-headed Racquet-tail E-Un, Vulnerable
Prionochilus p. plateni Palawan Flowerpecker E-C
Prionochilus plateni culionensis Palawan Flowerpecker E-C
Pycnonotus plumosus cinereifrons Blue-winged Bulbul R-FC, race PalE
Rhipidura javanica nigritorquis Pied Fantail R-C, race E
Sitta frontalis palawana Velvet-fronted Nuthatch R-C, race PalE
Spizaetus philippensis* Philippine Hawk-Eagle E-Un
Tanygnathus lucionensis salvadorii Blue-naped Parrot Near endemic- Uncommon, NearThreatened
Terpsiphone cyanescens Blue Paradise-Flycatcher E-Un, Near Threatened
Trichastoma cinereiceps Ashy-headed Babbler E-FC
Barbourula busuangensis Philippine Discoglossid Frog PalE/Rare, Threatened
Limnonectes acanthi Palawan Common Frog PalE
Rana moellendorffi Moellendorff's Variable-backed Frog Common, PalE
Bufo biporcatus Philippine Toad PalE/Rare
Rhacophorus e. everetti Palawan Tree Frog Rare, PalE
Varanus salvator Philippine Monitor Lizard Common, Threatened

Source: Fauna Survey Report, 2005 ECAN Zoning Project