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On June 22, USAID’s Strengthening Urban Resilience for Growth with Equity (SURGE) Project supported Puerto Princesa City government’s 6th Technical Working Group (TWG) meeting on asset management. The TWG discussed the status of the asset inventory and addressed issues. The road assets are already available in the road asset registry, and cadastral information, tax declaration, title, inventory of roads and other improvements, non-spatial data from accounting and legal offices are already integrated in the real property inventory. The prototype of the Land Information Management system has been installed in the three offices (Legal, Accounting, and Assessor) and will be extended to the General Services Office. The City Housing also reported the extent of real properties acquired and developed as housing projects and relocation sites. For the Property, Plant, and Equipment, PhP31 million worth of machineries were already classified and tagged to property as improvements and encoded in the Land Management Information System. Among the issues addressed is the reduction of discrepancy from PhP720 million to PhP300 million in government-owned real properties. The meeting generated key action steps such as site visitation and validation of the list of real properties, double-checking status and classification of lands by the City Assessor, turn-over of city government real properties and titles to the General Services Office and deeds of sale to the City Assessor. USAID/SURGE is enhancing the capacity of the city government to become a better steward of resources and improve the delivery of mandated services through asset management.