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Twelve-year-old Ma. Asuncion ‘Macy’ Mendiola, literally walks tall in her crowd. At her age, she stands 5’10\", which gives her a strong edge in her sport – volleyball.

Macy, who has just graduated from Pacita I Elementary School in San Pedro, Laguna, led her squad to the match for bronze medal in the event.

“She may be tall but she has retained her child-like innocence”, said her mother, Vilma, who was at the forefront of the Calabarzon volleyball cheering squad in the Palaro. “I’m pretty sure she will still grow taller,” she added.

From a family gifted with height, Macy’s father, Jaime, stands 5’9 while her mother 5’8. Her older sibling, Jaime Jr., stands 6’1\" while her youngest brother Jaive, a fourth grader, 5’5\".

Her father, who works with Coca Cola in Saudi Arabia and a member of the company basketball team there, encouraged her to play volleyball last year. “I still have a long way to go in volleyball for this is just my first year in the game and I want to improve my skills for I know that I already have the advantage over other players,” she said.


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