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Puerto Princesa City (13 April) -- The Department of Energy (DOE) recently confirmed that renewable energy (RE) projects specifically hydroelectric and geothermal power projects are in the pipeline and would soon provide new source of energy in Palawan and Puerto Princesa City.
This was disclosed recently by DOE Assistant Director Jess Anunciacion who spoke in a recent forum on the Philippine Energy Efficiency Plan in Puerto Princesa City. He said that Palawan and the city have vast potentials in the development of its renewable energy resources.
He said that the DOE conducted initial studies on 8 possible sites for mini-hydroelectric power development. These potential sites have combined 17 megawatt (MW) capacity and have been lined up as indicative projects needing further feasibility studies for private sector investment.
Hydroelectric power facility are electric power generating plants which utilizes kinetic energy of falling or running water to turn a turbine generator producing electricity at a specific installed capacity.
The potential sites are in Barangay Babuyan with 5.6 MW capacity, Iwahig with 800 KW capacity, Inagawan with 2.3 MW capacity; Barangay Malatgao in Narra with 3.6 MW capacity; Cabinbin and Tarabanan in Brooke's Point with combined capacity of 3 MW; and Barangay Barake and Talakaigan in Aborlan with combined 1.7 MW capacity.
There are also 2 hydroelectric power projects that are in advance stages of development - the 3.5 MW in Batang-Batang, Narra and the 6.8 MW in Langogan in Puerto Princesa City.
Director Anunciacion also revealed 2 potential geothermal energy projects in Sta. Lucia and Sta. Lourdes that were awarded to Primary Energy Inc. which will be doing further verification of the 2 sites. Development of the 2 geothermal sites would require P100 million investment to construct the power plant using the binary organic runkin cycle.
Next to the United States of America, the Philippines is the second largest producer of geothermal power in the world.
With the expected increase in power demand in Palawan and the city, the development of RE as a prominent and viable source for Palawan because renewable energy is clean energy unlike the polluting fossil fuels being used presently by the power producers. (PIA)

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