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Delegates, spectators expect “successful” sports meet this year.

EFFORTS EXERTED for this year’s regional athletic meet are totally not in vain.

Various delegations told Flashes they are “pleased” with the opening program of this year’s MIMAROPA RAA meet and “expect a successful” sports meet this year, after witnessing the “grandiose” ceremony held at the Ramon Mitra Sports Complex yesterday.

“The opening ceremony’s colorful props and new actions guarantee an impressive events ahead,” Joan, a chess player said.

Badminton player, Rocky said, “I am very happy because Puerto Princesa is beautiful. The well prepared sports complex and sports centers also promise a very good outcome.”

Officials from the delegation of Calapan City told Flashes they are “impressed” with the opening ceremonies.

Delegates in uniforms, accompanied by their respective local officials wowed the thousand spectators with their colorful props and synchronized actions during the entrance parade to the newly-renovated sports complex.

The opening ceremonies highlighted the “unique” way of lighting the ‘Urn of Friendship’ as well as the fireworks displayed at the close of the event.

Puerto Princesa and Philippines’ pride, Sepak Takraw players carried the torch from the front of the stage and lighted the suspended ball, which simulated a flying effect going to the giant urn. The lighted urn symbolizes friendship, sportsmanship, and camaraderie being promoted during the sports competition.

Puerto Princesa City, which from the previous media interviews vowed to reclaim the Championship lost to Palawan in the past two years turned out to be the biggest delegation with its athletes, coaches and officials.

Responding to the challenge of a “fair and honest competition” from the Guest Speaker, Undersecretary Franklin Sunga, Leaf Miraflores of Puerto Princesa asked for a “healthy competition” and pleasant games.

Meanwhile, the city’s hospitality continuously surprise visitors from other provinces. Giovanni Preclaro, a delegate from Marinduque said, “I was surprised with the beauty of Puerto and the hospitality of its people.

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