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PUERTO PRINCESA CITY, Palawan, APRIL 25 (PIA) --- It’s been a long-time clamor of jobseekers in the city and the province of Palawan, particularly those who aspire for a permanent position in the government to earn eligibility. Apparently, the absence of a regular conduct of Civil Service Examination hinders such desire.
This was the reason why City Councilor Modesto V. Rodriguez II filed a resolution urging the Civil Service Commission (CSC) through CSC-Palawan Field Office to establish computer-based professional and sub-professional career examinations in Puerto Princesa City.
In his resolution, Rodriguez mentioned that the CSC-Field Office here no longer conduct regular or yearly classroom based civil service examination although there is a significant number of board takers who are interested to join government service and have the desire to take eligibility examination.
The councilor is amenable that there are long-time employees in the government who wants to enjoy the privileges of regular employees but they are not eligible. As a result, most of them have no permanent work and still working on a contractual basis.
“To speed up and eliminate laborious processes of classroom based type of examination, it is imperative for the CSC-Palawan Field Office to establish a Computer-based CS Professional and Sub-Professional examinations,” Rodriguez said.
He added that computer-based examination is the most practical, ideal, convenient and time effective type of examination compared to classroom based which entails considerable amount of resources, time consuming and requires extensive human intervention.

(Cheryl Galili-Palawan Times/PIA4B-Palawan)


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